Did you know that the skin around our necks show signs of aging as quickly as the skin around our eyes? So why do we spend an obscene amount of money on eye creams, yet often times completely neglect our necks?

While we can go to extremes to reverse the signs of aging around our eyes, unfortunately, due to blood vessels and the thyroid laying so close to the skin, there is nothing drastic we can do for our necks.

So what do we do?

Consider your neck a part of your face. Always moisturize your neck with a moisturizer rich in antioxidants. Use as much moisturizer on your neck as you would on your face. Using gentle upward strokes, gently apply the moisturizer with your finger tips, being careful not to stretch the skin. Establish a morning and night routine, and make a little time to take care of this delicate skin…. And don’t forget sunscreen!