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Growing up, I hated my curly hair. It was always so frizzy. My mother would put big rollers in my hair, and I’d have to sit under a hair dryer for what seemed like hours just to loosen the curl. And even then it would get frizzy.

Curly hair tends to be drier than other types of hair. Moisture-rich conditioners are a must. Look for natural conditioners containing shea butter or avocado oil, which penetrate the hair shaft for a smooth look. A layered cut works best for curly hair. The layers will help your curls fall into place, instead of falling on top of each other and poofing out. Layers shorten the drying time as well. Get rid of your split ends by getting a trim every 8 to 10 weeks. Remember that the only way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them off… no matter what the shampoo commercials claim.

What about frizz? Frizz happens when your hair is in need of hydration. We moisturize our hair with oil, but hydration comes from water. Our hair frizzes because it is thirsty. So when we’re out with thirsty hair, it absorbs the moisture in the air, making our hair shafts swell. It’s not a pretty look! Avoid products that contain alcohol, which will dry out your hair. Use a hair steamer, like the Huetiful Hair Steamer, to help re-hydrate your hair. And, most importantly, drink plenty of water.

Now that I’m older and know better, I love my curly hair. I can wear it any way I want, curly or straight. And frizz… What frizz?