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Since skin care is a very important part of my life and this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to write a couple of posts about skin.

Our skin is such a large and complex organ, however, when it comes to beauty, in this post I wanted to touch base on the one thing I think is most important about our skin: its absorbtion.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects our entire body, by providing a barrier from the outside elements. It can absorb up to 60% of all substances applied to its surface, good or bad. Whether we’re applying lotions, or using perfume, applying make up, or even rinsing off our shampoo. Our skin is like a sponge, soaking up everything it touches. Not only does our skin absorb the things we apply to it, it also absorbs environmental elements, such as toxic pollutants, which we have no control over. But taking control over the things we can is key.

So how great is the absorbent power of our skin? Ever hear of transdermal drugs? Cigarette and birth control patches are the most common types of transdermal drugs. They use the power of the skins absorption for drug delivery. This means that our skin has the ability to absorb substances directly to our bloodstream. Kind of makes you want to take a second look at the label of that expensive moisturizer, doesn’t it?

Many of our beauty products today are full of synthetics and cancer causing ingredients. Although the amount used may be minute, some of these ingredients can accumulate in our bodies throughout years of product use. These toxic chemicasl can make us sick and, not to mention, age prematurely.

Our skin is a powerful organ. Let’s use its power to work for us, not against us. Let’s take control over what our skin is absorbing. Knowing what’s in our products is a good start.