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Spring Cleaning

We consider our homes a safe haven. It’s where we cultivate our families and memories. We would never think our home could be a place that harbors dangerous toxins. Unfortunately, our homes are, most likely, the place we will pick up skin and respiratory irritations, bacterial infections, and find dust and dust mite build-up. Incorporating healthy cleaning habits will help alleviate these problems.

Circulating Indoor Air
Spring is the perfect time to open up all the windows and doors and allow fresh air to circulate through the house. Getting rid of that old air that’s been locked in tight in your home all winter long will instantly refresh the home.

Minimizing Dust
Removing clutter will help minimize dust. Remove dust with microfiber cloths, which will trap the dust instead of spreading it. A “no shoe policy” indoors will also help eliminate tacking in dirt and dust from the outside.

Use biodegradable sponges and reusable, non-toxic cleaning cloths, which can be washed, instead of sponges. Sponges trap bacteria, which can be easily spread throughout the house, cross-contaminating and infecting everything it touches.

Clean From the Top Down
Save the floor for last. Clean window blinds and shelves first, and work downwards. This will allow the any dust that escapes your cleaning cloth to fall to the floor. Allowing time for all the dust to settle before vacuuming will make sure you get all of it.

Keep it up!