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Many people skip toning altogether, they don’t really think it’s a necessary part of cleansing. But toners are designed to remove the last traces of dirt, cleanser residue, and surface skin cells from the skin. It is the last defense. A good, natural toner will moisturize, prevent acne, fade dark spots, and refresh and sooth the skin. Many men use toners as an aftershave.

Many toners on the market today claim to shrink pores. However, our skin is a very complex organ, one that is not easily modified, especially by a simple toner. Pore size is hereditary, and therefore, cannot be made smaller or larger by a toner.

There is nothing complicated about toning, it is a very simple and quick step, only taking a few seconds. Just soak a cotton ball with the toner of your choice and swipe it all over your face… You’ll be glad you did.

I’ll show you how to make a home-made toner on my next post. Stay tuned!