I love giving gifts… but what I love more is gift WRAPPING! Is it just me? And I don’t just wrap the gift with colorful wrapping paper and call it a day. Oh no. Wrapping a gift is an arts and crafts project that usually takes me a few hours. I know! It’s crazy. But I love it.

The one thing I don’t like about gift giving are gift BAGS. Yes, gift bags have come a long way, but I feel like I didn’t put any effort in the presentation of my gift when I use a gift bag. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many occasions when I’ve used gift bags. Mostly, I use gift bags when I purchase a gift with awkward packaging, ie. not a box.

I recently went to a baby shower and the gift I got came in that awkward, plastic packaging that is impossible to open. So, a gift bag seemed appropriate. However, I had major plans for this gift bag.

I began with this tutorial from The Elli Blog. You can find the complete how-to guide and template here. Below is a summary of how I did it.

IMG_0330I used a glue stick instead of a glue gun because I wanted to make sure this project was kid friendly. After I printed out the template, I cut out all my petals.

IMG_0333I cut slits into the large and small black circles, then curled them up.

IMG_0335Glue the little circle inside the large one. Cut two slits on the end of all the petals and curl the edges.

IMG_0336Glue 3 petals together to create a cup. Then glue the last four petals in the same way to create a slightly larger cup.

IMG_0337Glue the smaller cup inside the larger one, then glue in your circles in the middle.

IMG_0347I glued all my flowers onto my bag and added a few leaves I cut out.

IMG_0348I think with practice I can get these flowers to look really great, but for now, this will do. What are your thought on wrapping and gift giving?