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When you live in warmer climates, or even during summer up north, it is inevitable to receive unwanted guests… of the pesky kind. From lizards, to spiders, to teeny, weeny, little frogs, I’ve seen it all. The most annoying of these pests, however, are the ants! Big ones, little ones, red ones, brown ones. They are everywhere! How does one get rid of these buggers without spraying poison all over the counters?

Cinnamon is a great option. Ants hate the scent of cinnamon, so they avoid it like the plague. Sprinkling some cinnamon powder along the edges of the counter where it meets the wall, or along ant trails, will stop the ants in their tracks.

Ever get ants in your sugar bowl? That is the worst! Little ants sprinkled in your sugar as you spoon it out. All you want to do is to sweeten your coffee. If you don’t notice it immediately, you soon will. Their tiny carcases will float to the top. It’s not a pretty sight. Your morning is ruined…! Sprinkling cinnamon powder in your sugar bowl wouldn’t be a good idea, unless you like cinnamon coffee. Instead, lay a cinnamon stick or two on top of the sugar in your sugar bowl. This will keep the ants away, but won’t flavor your sugar. It really works! Give it a try.

If you have any tricks to keep pests away, let me know. I’d love to try it.